We Simplify the Home Selling Process to Make it Easier and More Profitable. 

The Local Advantage

We leverage our intimate knowledge of the local market to give you a price that reflects the home's true value. Unlike national real estate investment chains, we want to ensure you get every bit of the equity you deserve. 

We're Your Neighbors

We know the West GA area so well because we live and work here. Our families are here, and our kids grew up here. We probably know some of the same people and places that you do, and treat every one of our clients like an extension of our own families. 

No Nonsense 

Aside from offering better prices and faster closes, we offer something else that can't be undersold: trust. Sometimes, real estate investors quote one price and then add a bunch of fees at close. We promise that our word is our bond, and the price we give is the price you'll get.

Meet Will and Sam

The founders or Fast Money Home Buyers are local West GA residents and businessmen. 

As a local business, they support and encourage local economic growth by using only local professionals for contracting and buying only from local suppliers.

Sell my house fast



Sell my house fast



How We Operate

Quick Replies

We won't leave you waiting

We schedule and visit quickly, and can usually come to your house on the same business day if needed. If not, we work with your schedule, not the other way around. 

Honest Evaluations

Respect for you means being transparent

We believe you deserve your equity. We believe we can still make a great living while offering the very most for our clients. These beliefs are why we've been in business for over 10 years.

Fast Payments

And flexible move-out timeframes

Because life is hectic enough without having to worry about when you'll get your money, when you have to be out, and all the logistics involved in moving. Get paid fast and move in your own time. 

The Story

Hello! Sam and Will here, the founders of Fast Money Home Buyers.   

We've been in the construction and real estate industries for ages, and in 2012 we pulled our savings together and bought our first home. We were still working our full time jobs back then, and so nights and weekends were spent rehabbing the home while our 9-to5 paychecks were going into the costs. 

We sold that home, and were able to buy another. And then another. And then another. This all happened really quickly; we decided to go in head first and focus on our house rehab business full time. We quit our jobs, and Fast Money Home Buyers was born.

To date, we've purchased over 200 homes in the West GA area. It hasn't been all sunshine and roses though. The beginning was especially tough. Rehabbing a home is not only expensive, but is also time consuming and tiresome. Leaving work on a weekday to spend the next several hours doing more manual labor was exhausting. And, as alway, there were unexpected obstacles with every property we purchased. Though we were experienced in both construction and real-estate, meeting the demanding expectations of the companies that purchase from us was a test in our abilities and resolve. 

Nonetheless, we pushed through, learned what we had to, and became excellent. We learned more about our clients than anything. We learned that our clients desire trust over everything else. We learned that being able to resolve tricky situations can make or break our ability to help our clients. And we learned that, above all, we're not really in the business of home rehab; we're in the business of helping people move on with their lives, even after the toughest of situations. 

The homes we buy get renovated, repaired, and sold to other investment companies, such as rental companies, who want properties in prime condition before buying. Because we're licensed in construction, we're able to do our own renovations. And because we're licensed in real estate, we have the connections to sell our properties to the right non-consumer buyers. These licenses help with more than just our own endeavors; they help us offer better prices to our clients since we don't have to pay other people to do these services for us.

We love what we do, and we love being able to give people what they're really after: relief. Many of our clients face tough situations, such as divorce or foreclosure. Others are relocating, going into retirement, or are splitting an inheritance. Some situations are easy to navigate through, and some require more complex solutions due to multiple owners or unusual geographic circumstances.

No matter the situation, it does not hinder our ability to buy a home in a week, or to offer top dollar. We aim at giving as much home equity to our clients as possible because we want to be a better option for our clients than traditional real estate.

We don't pull punches, change prices, hide innocuous fees in contracts or renege on our offers. Our word is our bond, so when we make an offer, we make a promise.      


If you're ready to skip the hassle and cost of real estate, get paid what your home is worth and move on with your life, we're here for you. 

- All the Best, 

Sam and Will

Owners of Fast Money Home Buyers 

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